Alyssa Bono is a New York based hair and makeup artist, who works in print, commercial, film and video work. She is a driven, organized and passionate person whose ultimate goal is to always bring a new story to life by enhancing the individual in her chair. She uses the skills she has honed over the past 6 years to help actors, models and personalities to feel confident and do their best work. She is trained and well versed in all forms of makeup artistry including special effects for film and video, airbrush makeup, body painting and wig and facial hair work as well as beauty and corrective techniques. 

Her work has been featured in Resource Magazine, Ladygunn Magazine, Stonefoxx Magazine, Bon Bon online, and Giuseppina Magazine.

Some of her past clients include: Allergan, Audible, Cadillac, Canon, College Humor, Comedy Central, Dove, Eastbay, Fila, Ford, GSK, Havas Worldwide, Hershey, IBM, ID Discovery, KY, L'Oréal, Marshalls, Ocean Spray, Preen, Plus Media, Verizon & Zelle.